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See Everything as They Happen

opentaps CRM2 gives you total visibility to all your communications, so you can stay on top of your customers and employees.

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Work Together, Naturally.

Built around the way your company naturally works, opentaps CRM2 helps you create and manage tasks without complicated software.

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Turn Shoppers into Lifelong Customers

opentaps CRM2 for Magento is the easiest way to provide better customer service, turning your shoppers into lifelong customers.

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Our Vision

Forget big, expensive, complicated. We will be the simplest, most useful tool for helping your team work together.

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New Social API for opentaps CRM2

Want to know what your customers really think?  Then your CRM has to get social with them. The new opentaps CRM2 social API lets you record social interactions with any node of data in opentaps CRM2.  For example, you can record whether someone has viewed, liked, or voted thumbs up or down for your products, product categories, blog pages, newsletters, or anything… Read more →

How to Manages Drop Ship Orders with opentaps CRM 2

Do your drop shipped orders ever fall into a black hole? Are your suppliers sometimes losing your purchase orders, not shipping them on time, or just forgetting to tell you that the orders shipped? Are you able to follow up regularly on all your PO’s? These are actually common problems when trying to drop ship, and this is how we solved these… Read more →

New Plugin for Linking WordPress, Contact Form 7 to opentaps CRM 2

Do you love WordPress but need a way to track all the people who’ve contacted you from your blog? So do we!  We use WordPress ourselves (you’re looking at it right now), and we built opentaps CRM2 to help you track all your contacts and communications.  So… of course we’d want to link the two together.  Which is how  the new… Read more →

Lessons from Building Small vs Big Business Software

This Twitter discussion with @TinaStewart made write something that’s been on my mind for a long time: and Do I ever! In fact, building small business and big business (or enterprise) software have very different challenges and require different skills, which I’ve seen first hand. Building Enterprise Software The key to building big business or enterprise software is customizations.  Large organizations have very… Read more →