opentaps CRM2 Now in Chrome Webstore

Where do customer relationships really happen?  

In your inbox.

And that’s where your Customer Relationship Management system should be.

So we’re putting opentaps CRM2 in the Chrome Webstore as a Gmail widget.  When you install it into your browser, it will put a small widget underneath each email you get:



From there, you can click to see all the past activities for the person who emailed you, including emails from other members of your team, internal discussion notes, tasks you’ve scheduled or completed, even tweets:




You can schedule tasks right under the email, without exiting Gmail or opening another window:




And you don’t have to ever wonder again about what someone else might have told this person, because the emails from everybody in your company are now available, not just yours:


So if you use Chrome, please sign up for opentaps CRM2 (it’s free!) and then install the Chrome extension.  Let us know how it goes.

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