Making Email Better 1: Unifying Your Inboxes

Did you know that 183 billion emails are sent every day?  

So don’t believe all the hype about “killing” email: It will be how most people communicate with your company for a very long time.  But email can be better, and in this series, we’re going to show you how opentaps CRM2 can help you do that.

The Problem: Email Silos

The most common problem with emails is that they get lost in individual “silos.”  Think about your company:

  • Are you flipping through several accounts to look for an important email?
  • Does everybody at your company use their own mailbox (,
  • What happens when one of them is gone for a week?  Do your customers get upset or go elsewhere?
  • What happens if one of them writes an email they shouldn’t have?  (And how do you know that doesn’t happen?)

These problems happen because email is designed to be a personal tool: one email per person.  In a business setting, though, an organization needs to communicate as one entity.  Sales, service, support, and even compliance all must know what the others have said, so all the emails must be brought together and made available to everybody.

Unifying Email with opentaps CRM2

Fortunately, this is very easy with opentaps CRM2.  After you sign up for an account and login, click on the configure wheel in the upper right hand corner and choose Emails:


You can add the email addresses of all your employees:

opentaps CRM2 Set Up Email Example

opentaps CRM2 Set Up Email Example

Once you enter each user’s email addresses, opentaps CRM2 will verify the email address and password to make sure it’s correct.  Then it will automatically start pulling in and indexing the emails from that account.  These can be accessed from our web user interface, the Chrome browser extension, and the Android and iPad/iPhone mobile apps.

If you email a lot, you’re probably in Gmail all the time, so the Chrome browser extension lets you access opentaps CRM2 directly from Gmail.   Imagine you get an email:



Note that grey area below the email: it’s the opentaps CRM2 widget.  This widget tells you if the email you’re looking at is from a known contact or not.  If it is from a known contact, it’ll tell you if there are other messages and tasks open.  Clicking on the button will now open up all activities with this contact: all the past emails and tasks for this person from anybody in your organization:



Want to know what somebody else wrote to the customer before?  You can even click on an old email to view inside the current email:


Meanwhile, in the web or mobile UI, you can see a continuous stream of all the emails coming in and out of your organization:


So there’s no more need to worry about emails getting lost when employees leave on vacation or quit, or different employees not knowing what each one has said to the same customer.

Try opentaps CRM2 for free, and tell us if unifying all the email inboxes in your organization has made a big difference or not.  And by the way, it could also help you unify your different personal email accounts too.

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