Making Email Better 2: Managing Tasks Naturally

How do you work?

Chances are, you’re like me.  You get an email or request from someone.  You create a task, work on it, and get help from other people.  When you’ve done your part, you tell someone else about it.  Eventually the task is completed.  Woohoo!

This is the natural flow of a work day: communications become tasks, tasks are managed and communicated.  Our newly released features for opentaps CRM2 help you do just that — work naturally.

It starts with an activity, which could be an email, a note, or a tweet:

Get an email in your activities stream

You can just turn this into a task (or associate it with an existing task):

Create task from email activity


Note that you can add a team member to the task with @name right here, without having to use another screen to assign the task.  And that’s all you need to do: your email has now become a task:

task created from activity

Now just sit back and wait…Hopefully soon you’ll get this notification on your opentaps CRM2 mobile app:

CRM2 mobile notification

This also works in the other direction: Let’s say you make a note on a task in opentaps CRM2:

crm2 note on a task

It will automatically be emailed to the team you’ve put together for the task:

crm2 task note becomes email

Here’s a summary of our new task management features:


  • Take any activity — an email, a note, a tweet — and start or connect it to a task
  • Build a team for a task by just naming them in the subject line using their @names
  • Get email updates as your team makes notes about your tasks
  • Automatically associate follow up emails with the task
  • Get notifications on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet about your tasks
  • Get geolocations of your task activities from your mobile devices

Now you’ll never have to go to a project tracker or task management system to create a ticket any more.  As emails come in, you can create tasks right from our Google Chrome Gmail extension, iPhone/iPad app, or Android app.  Then just sit back with your iPad and wait for the notifications as your team goes to work.

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