opentaps CRM2 Open Source Extensions Now on GitHub

We’ve started a GitHub repository for open source extensions for opentaps CRM2 and will soon be adding a variety of modules to help you link opentaps CRM2 to your existing systems and customize it to meet your needs.

The first module allows you to embed opentaps CRM2 into your existing opentaps 1.x or Apache OFBiz system, so you can link our new email, collaboration, and tasks capabilities to your orders, invoices, and payments.  Here, for example, is an example of opentaps CRM2 embedded inside the original opentaps CRMSFA:

opentaps CRM2 embedded in opentaps CRMSFA

opentaps CRM2 embedded in opentaps CRMSFA

We will be adding more modules to help you add opentaps CRM2 into other legacy applications, as well as customizing and extending opentaps CRM2 to meet your specific requirements, so follow us on GitHub to stay up to date with our new developments.

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