How to Revolutionize Business Software By Making It Natural

This LinkedIn discussion on how to get people registering their customer interactions to CRM sums up the problem of business software today:

Currently [a company has] a decent (good enough) CRM tool, but they are only using it to monitor opportunities, contracts etc. so as internal SFA and not much more. They are not registering their customer interactions (visits, calls) to this common tool. Their KPI’s for the sales persons are all looking into rear view mirror, i.e. TCV, customer satisfaction survey score etc.  They have many times heard from their customers that “you are now the third person from your company who is visiting me in the last weeks, talking about the same thing. Do you not share information in your company?”

In other words, today’s business software could be very helpful, if you could get people to use them.  The rest of the discussion then talks about how to coerce, coax, or coach users.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Today’s business users are no strangers to technology.  They’re constantly writing emails, talking on the phone, or texting each other.

What if we could just bring those interactions into a CRM system as they happen?

That’s what we’re here to do.  We believe that software should fit naturally into your life, so we’re building CRM “upside down.”  Instead of drawing up business processes first, we’re focusing on capturing interactions first — all those emails, tweets, and text messages.  Then we want our software to organize it for you, using big data, search, and analytics, into tasks and discussions.

In the end, we want you to do what’s natural.  We just want to help you do it better.

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