opentaps CRM2 Mobile App 0.8.0 Released for Android and iOS

Happy holidays!  We’ve just released version 0.8 of opentaps CRM2 Mobile App for both Google Android and iOS App Store. This new version comes with some significant enhancements, including:

  • Upload and share files for any note or task
  • Tag your notes, activities, or tasks
  • Link tags to orders, invoices, or other activities in your ERP or CRM system
  • Find activities for tags and tasks using keyword search

The flexible tagging system in this new version opens up a lot of possibilities.  You can tag things internally, such as “instructions”, “policy”, “Client A”, or use tags to link to external objects, such as orders and invoices in other ERP and CRM systems.  Thus, your tags could be used to tag the same notes, discussions, or tasks to several orders, a sales order and a related purchase order, or the order and its related invoice — even if those objects reside in completely different systems.  Without costly or messy integration, opentaps CRM2 can help your teams work together across different software systems.

Want to try it out?  We’re offering a 30-day free trial of the professional edition, just so you could see the full capabilities of this new system.

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