What’s the Right Size CRM for a Magento Store?

So your Magento e-commerce store has been growing — Congrats!   Are you also getting overwhelmed with customer questions and emails?   You added customer service reps, but customers end up talking to different reps and getting different answers.  Their requests are sometimes left hanging and even forgotten.

Should you get a CRM?

Not necessarily.

If you’re running a consumer e-commerce business, most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not right for you.  This is because most CRM systems are designed for long sales cycle Business-to-Business sales (like enterprise software), with lots of features like leads and opportunities management, that don’t apply to the fast-paced orders-driven world of online retailers.  (Ask me how I know this!)  Furthermore, most CRM systems have their own user interface for managing customer data and requests, so your reps will have to work with two systems at once.  This could be confusing and slow for your reps and the poor customers waiting to get a response from them.

This is why we created opentaps CRM2.

It’s not a full-blown CRM system.   It doesn’t require complicated implementation with set up, integration, and training.  It just  gives you the customer management features that an online retailer really needs, such as:

  1. Pooling together all your reps’ emails, so that everybody knows what has been said to a customer
  2. Creating discussion threads around orders, so questions and answers aren’t just hidden in email boxes
  3. Creating and managing tasks.  This can be really important for those customer service requests that take longer to resolve, like tracking down an order with a manufacturer or shipper, and could be “lost in shuffle.”

We think this is the right size CRM for an online retailer.  Why don’t you try it and let us know?  Just go to Magento Connect to get started, or check out the code from GitHub yourself.

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