Open Source Python and Ruby Scripts for Customizing CRM

The hardest thing about “enterprise software” is customizations.  It’s time consuming and expensive, and you’re limited by what the vendor allows you to customize.  Even when it’s open source, you’d have to study up on a big, complex piece of software.

Not my idea of fun…

…which is why we’re doing it completely differently with the new opentaps CRM2.  We’re keeping the core services small and simple, making them available by REST API’s to you, and then giving you open source scripts that you can modify and customize as you’d like.

Want to send an email reminder of open tasks every day?  Or week?

Want to send follow up emails to your prospects?

Want to…(fill in the blank here)…?

Just download a script.  They’re written in popular scripting languages, such as Python and Ruby (we’ll have some in PHP and Node.js soon)  You can tweak them and run them, or use them as examples to build fancier stuff.  You can check out our scripts from the opentaps-crm2/automation/ directory on GitHub.

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