opentaps crm2

Magento Open Source Extension Now Available for opentaps CRM2

The Magento Open Source Extension for opentaps CRM2 is now available on GitHub.  This extension plugs right into your Magento instance and helps you sort emails and communications, hold discussions, and create and manage tasks around your customer’s orders and invoices: This extension is available under the Apache 2.0 License, so you can customize it for your needs or make… Read more →

Looking for Magento Developer to Build Extension for opentaps CRM2

We’re looking for a Magento developer to help us build an opentaps CRM2 magento extension, so Magento store owners can use opentaps CRM2 widgets to see their emails and tasks organized around their orders. This should be pretty straightforward — You just have to embed widgets like the one below inside a Magento extension module, like this: For additional details, please see… Read more →

New Video and Slides about opentaps CRM2

Here’s a new video that shows you the key ideas behind opentaps CRM2: And here are the slides: I’d like you to take a moment, think about how the people in your company really work together.  Do you think our approach of: Bring together all your communications Creating and managing tasks around the communications Communicating the work done on the… Read more →

Making Email Better 1: Unifying Your Inboxes

Did you know that 183 billion emails are sent every day?   So don’t believe all the hype about “killing” email: It will be how most people communicate with your company for a very long time.  But email can be better, and in this series, we’re going to show you how opentaps CRM2 can help you do that. The Problem: Email Silos The most common problem… Read more →