Using opentaps CRM2 For Your Magento Store

What’s the Right Size CRM for a Magento Store?

So your Magento e-commerce store has been growing — Congrats!   Are you also getting overwhelmed with customer questions and emails?   You added customer service reps, but customers end up talking to different reps and getting different answers.  Their requests are sometimes left hanging and even forgotten. Should you get a CRM? Not necessarily. If you’re running a consumer e-commerce business, most Customer Relationship Management (CRM)… Read more →

opentaps CRM2 Extension Released in Magento Connect

The opentaps CRM2 Extension for Magento is now available in Magento Connect: This extension is a simple widget (see the code on GitHub) that gives you the most useful features of a CRM system directly in Magento, without implementing a separate CRM.   You’ll be able to see all your team’s emails and discussions around your customers and sales orders, create… Read more →

Magento Open Source Extension Now Available for opentaps CRM2

The Magento Open Source Extension for opentaps CRM2 is now available on GitHub.  This extension plugs right into your Magento instance and helps you sort emails and communications, hold discussions, and create and manage tasks around your customer’s orders and invoices: This extension is available under the Apache 2.0 License, so you can customize it for your needs or make… Read more →