Stay on top of your customers and employees by seeing everything you do.

From contact data and communications to projects and tasks, opentaps brings them together, links them with your legacy ERP/CRM system, and pushes them to your mobile devices.

Manage your contacts  

  • Maintain address book of your Contacts
  • Keep an unlimited number of addresses, phone numbers, emails, twitter accounts, and other forms of contact for your address book.
  • Create groups and track their activities, including emails, notes, and tweets

Listen to all your communications  

  • Synchronize unlimited Gmail accounts for everybody in your organization
  • See your contact’s activities stream in Gmail, alongside their emails
  • Monitor tweets for all your contacts
  • Tweet and respond to tweets

Turn them into actionable tasks  

  • Create notes around any discussion topic, including orders, contacts, invoices, payments, etc.
  • Collaborate with your users using familiar @names notation
  • Create tasks from mobile app or email
  • Create task based on any email, communication, or activity
  • Associate any email, communication, or activity to an existing task
  • Assign tasks to a team
  • Name one team member as the responsible contact for a task
  • Get email updates of all task activities
  • Track status of tasks from created through completion
  • Tasks could be managed from web, mobile app, or through email discussions

Push them to your mobile devices

  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Get mobile notifications of any new or updated activities
  • See geographic locations of your employees’ activities

Link up with your legacy ERP/CRM system  

  • Contact and sign up forms for WordPress blogs
  • Embed into your existing ERP or CRM system to help manage orders, quotes, invoices, payments
  • Login using Google Apps (Gmail), Twitter, or Facebook account
  • Dashboard of activities, discussions, and tasks in your organization

New features are being developed as you read this. Drop us a note if you have any suggestions! Just go to our forum or tweet us at @opentaps.

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