Open Source Python and Ruby Scripts for Customizing CRM

The hardest thing about “enterprise software” is customizations.  It’s time consuming and expensive, and you’re limited by what the vendor allows you to customize.  Even when it’s open source, you’d have to study up on a big, complex piece of software. Not my idea of fun… …which is why we’re doing it completely differently with the new opentaps CRM2.  We’re keeping… Read more →

What’s the Right Size CRM for a Magento Store?

So your Magento e-commerce store has been growing — Congrats!   Are you also getting overwhelmed with customer questions and emails?   You added customer service reps, but customers end up talking to different reps and getting different answers.  Their requests are sometimes left hanging and even forgotten. Should you get a CRM? Not necessarily. If you’re running a consumer e-commerce business, most Customer Relationship Management (CRM)… Read more →

opentaps CRM2 Extension Released in Magento Connect

The opentaps CRM2 Extension for Magento is now available in Magento Connect: This extension is a simple widget (see the code on GitHub) that gives you the most useful features of a CRM system directly in Magento, without implementing a separate CRM.   You’ll be able to see all your team’s emails and discussions around your customers and sales orders, create… Read more →

opentaps CRM2 Mobile App 0.8.0 Released for Android and iOS

Happy holidays!  We’ve just released version 0.8 of opentaps CRM2 Mobile App for both Google Android and iOS App Store. This new version comes with some significant enhancements, including: Upload and share files for any note or task Tag your notes, activities, or tasks Link tags to orders, invoices, or other activities in your ERP or CRM system Find activities for… Read more →

How to Revolutionize Business Software By Making It Natural

This LinkedIn discussion on how to get people registering their customer interactions to CRM sums up the problem of business software today: Currently [a company has] a decent (good enough) CRM tool, but they are only using it to monitor opportunities, contracts etc. so as internal SFA and not much more. They are not registering their customer interactions (visits, calls) to this common tool. Their… Read more →

Magento Open Source Extension Now Available for opentaps CRM2

The Magento Open Source Extension for opentaps CRM2 is now available on GitHub.  This extension plugs right into your Magento instance and helps you sort emails and communications, hold discussions, and create and manage tasks around your customer’s orders and invoices: This extension is available under the Apache 2.0 License, so you can customize it for your needs or make… Read more →

Looking for Magento Developer to Build Extension for opentaps CRM2

We’re looking for a Magento developer to help us build an opentaps CRM2 magento extension, so Magento store owners can use opentaps CRM2 widgets to see their emails and tasks organized around their orders. This should be pretty straightforward — You just have to embed widgets like the one below inside a Magento extension module, like this: For additional details, please see… Read more →

New Video and Slides about opentaps CRM2

Here’s a new video that shows you the key ideas behind opentaps CRM2: And here are the slides: I’d like you to take a moment, think about how the people in your company really work together.  Do you think our approach of: Bring together all your communications Creating and managing tasks around the communications Communicating the work done on the… Read more →