Top level domain support.

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    Since you require a gmail account to use email for account creation, I fear support may be lacking for all top level domains. This is just a hunch I have, as my company has google business apps and we use two domains. When I tried to set up a CRM2 account with an email account from our .company top level domain which is a gmail account, it failed. Then when I tried my other gmail account which uses the .cc top level domain it worked. The problem however, is that my entire group is using the .company email accounts almost exclusively. Ironically you are using WordPress for this support forum and it does support account creation with my .company email address. Additionally I tried to add my .company email address into the crm2 account I successfully created using my .cc gmail account and it fails. Any idea when crm2 will support the .company top level domain? or Is the does the problem lie elsewhere. Also kudos for supporting Googles 2 step login without the headaches of other apps I connect. If I can get this working with our business gmail accounts on the .company domain I would love to install the Magento widget and give this a thorough testing, as our company is in the exact place that this tool was developed for. We have b2b customers, but all of our customers almost exclusively buy through our Magento site, further we have grown to big to efficiently continue without a CRM and yet we are to small to warrant an enterprise caliber ERP and CRM.

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